At Aprendo Montessori students learn independence, tolerance and respect for one another. When students step foot into the classroom, they instantly feel at home. Aprendo Montessori embraces unity and recognizes that all children learn differently. Everything in the classroom, including the materials are tailored to children. Each classroom has an AMI Guide that will assist the students in finding their strengths, and reaching their academic and personal goals. Our AMI Guides are here to support and ensure that every student meets their developmental needs. Aprendo is not just a school, it's a home— a safe environment that nurtures and teaches human growth.


 Our program was created for 3-6 year old children, however, the learning experience extends beyond classroom walls. Most of the learning comes from home, and at Aprendo we communicate and form relationships with families as well. We are here to listen to parents, answer questions and implement educational ideas to improve our learning environment. We are a school that wants to make a difference.


AMI Guides are the Montessori teachers. Montessori is non-traditional and our guides are here to observe, evaluate and support students.


To create a learning environment that teaches self discipline, independence and respect while achieving academic and personal growth through an implemented bilingual curriculum. 

"Aprendo is not just a school, it's a home⁠— a safe environment that nurtures and teaches human growth."